The Way To Melt My Heart

I’m a sucker for romance. Love stories or romance comedy just melt my heart. I love watching or hearing happy ending love stories. I m one who is in love with the concept of true love and fairy tales and the “they lived happily ever after”. I still dream of my happy ending and for my one true love to make my fairy tale come true.

For this Valentines and well all valentine’s of the year. Well, actually I would like to get this anytime any day even if there is no occasion, I want one.

A rose and ferrero rocher boquet!


Or a dozen of Ferrero Rocher boquet!


I know you know who you are. I know you love me. So send me one this Valentines Day or if not bring this when you come here. Haha!

You can also bring Guild Guitars at music123 to serenade me to make this comeback romantic! Haha!

Yabu House Of Katsu Dine For Cause 2

You still have time. Have snacks or dinner at Yabu House of Katsu now and help the victims of Typhoon Pablo too.


This dine for a cause is open at all Yabu branches. Their partner is Gawad Kalinga.

Dunkin Donuts Premium Doughnuts

It was ages ago since I had my last bite on the first doughnut brand in the Philippines I grew up with, Dunkin Donuts. I don’t know how my fondness of it died, but it just happened. I guess because doughnuts is not really a staple in my food list. And to be honest, I rarely smell that inviting scent from a store before. That scent kinda brings back memories when the scent was gone so was my craving for Dunkin’s donuts.

But today, I chanced upon a store, although the aroma was not there, I need to buy something because I needed to break my Php1,000 peso bill. I wanted to buy the classic flavors but was enticed by the new flavors the Dunkin Donuts Premium Donuts. They sell it for 3 for Php100.00 and luckily there were just three premium flavor left. I would have buy a dozen but it was raining and I had to go somewhere else first. I didn’t have my marmot rain jackets with me so I might as well settle with the three flavors I can easy carry while doing my errands.


Well they look soooo good but well nothing too fancy. Not too sweet and not unusual. They just made them look good with the toppings and the embellishments

Pan De Manila 3in1 Spanish Style Coffee and Choco Mixes

I’m a fan of 3in1 coffee and choco mixes. Why? Because they cut my expenses on sugar and cream and it save me time when I’m in a hurry. I just cut the sachet pour in a cup add water stir and go. In fact because of this I find it hard to get the perfect mix when I make my coffee or choco drink from scratch. It either becomes too strong or too creamy or too sweet. With coffee and choco mixes I get to experiment and stick to the best mix until I get tired of it and find another brand.

Just like this coffee and choco mixes from Pan de Manila. They have two different Choco mix the Chocolate Con Leche (3in1 Spanish Style Chocolate)and Cholate Blanco (3in1 Spanish Style White Chocolate). Two coffee mixes are Cafe Mocha (3in1 Spanish Style Chocolate Flavored Choco) and Cafe con Leche (3in1 Spanish Style Coffee). YUmm!

Will try out this Pan de Manila 3in1 #coffee and #choco mixes #food #foodie #igersmanila #igers

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

My daughter is 11 years old now but she remains to be the sweetest girl in the world. She will always be my baby no matter what . I am glad she is the way she is as I know she will give me all the unconditional love I need and I will give it back to her too. It is so easy to please her, just give her her favorite things and she will be happy. She doesn’t ask much shes just a simple girl. I love her for who she is and what she is. FOr her birthday she had her cake and she ate it too. All of it!


I took her to the hardware store so I get get new paint for her room makeover. She saw some retaining rings and for some reason she took them and put it in our shopping card. I don’t know what she think of them but I guess because she likes shinny round things! Like donuts and chocolates like that chocolate cake above!

Pork In Lemon Sauce & Mixed Veggies

I got tired of the usual adobo and home cook meal that we’ve been having lately and so I decided to be creative and make something out of the ingredients available in our kitchen. I saw some pork and frozen mixed veggies and an easy to prepare lemon sauce mix by Lee Kum Kee.

What I did was deep fried the pork until it was crispy. Steamed the mixed veggies. Cooked the lemon mix and added some all purpose cream to make it creamier. I stirred together all the ingredients and viola! Something different and yes it was good!


How about you? What creative dishes have you tried lately?

1st Frabelle Foodie Chef

I’ve been reading a lot about Frabelle Foods in my Facebook timeline last year but I haven’t got the chance back then to try it out. I am very much careful about buying new products because my daughter is very picky on the food she eats. It should be daughter approved first before I buy it. I don’t want to waste my money on something she will not like.

I am glad I was invited at the 1st Frabelle Foodie Chef event at Cafe 1771 to try out Frabelle Food and find new and innovative recipes to make with them.

The Frabelle Foodie Chef Competition started last October 22,1 2012 where they invited food lovers, enthusiasts and consumers to come up with their own recipe using any of the Frabelle Food products namely Yummy! Hotdogs and Cheesedogs, Pork Ham Tocino, Longganiza Hamonado, Hickory Smoked Bacon and Honey Ham. The search yielded 5 finalist with the Stuffed Chicken recipe by Neneth Tiongkiao Madrona held as the 1st Foodie Chef recipe winner!


Chef Neneth Tiongkiao also got the Bloggers and Media choice award for the best recipe in the competition. Her Stuffed Chicken really stood out in terms of taste, presentation and completeness of the recipe. It’s so good you would want to make it at home for a feast!

Other competitiors included:
The Hickory Smoked Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken by Romeo Julian Garcia
Frabelle Trimeat Breakfast by Nathan Dapon
Frabelle Delish Muffin by Maridel Pacleb
Frabelle Meatlover’s Dream by Maron Cruz.

The winner recieved a Php20,000 Pesos , a one day culinary class at Center for Culinary Arts in Manila. The others got Php5,000 each.

The host for the event was Ms. Issa Liton and was attended by Frabelle Brand Ambassador Sen. Chiz Escudero.

All attendees went home with an icebox full of Frabelle Food products! I tried some last night and I will tell you more about them later! Meanwhile, here is what I took home with me I think it these products are good for a barbeque party using my bull gas grills!

Thanks Frabelle! for this icebox full of products! #food #foodstagram #igersmanila #igers

New! Coffee Mate Creamy Caramel Flavor

Flavored coffee drinks is just everywhere these days. Almost all of the coffee brands I know now have their own version of 3-in-1 coffee mixes in different flavors. Most of them are good but sometimes you just can’t help to miss the old days of making your own coffee in the morning, smell the real aroma of fresh coffee beans, brown or white or fat-free sugar and then the cream to make your drink just as soft and smooth and easy like a Sunday morning.

Creams will always be creams. But wait, there’s something new from Nestle! A flavored creamer from our trusted brand Coffee Mate! The new Coffee Mate Caramel. Get ready to be kissed with yummy caramel taste it’s so sweet and caramely it’s so addicting!


Coffee Mate Creamy Caramel with my coffee? Makes sense to me!


How do you like your coffee?

New Year’s Eve Dinner Media Noche 2013

Our farewell dinner to 2012 was very simple yet “elegant” in a way as we all had our favorite food on our table that night. We had Krispy Pata, Lehong Manok, Chicken Salad, Spaghetti, Kashi Maki, Moet and Chandon, and some fruits as well.


We also had the best view of the fireworks on all sides of our home which I think was very cool. The fireworks display lasted about 15 minutes and it was amazing. It was good that we had our rooftop veranda to party without disturbing what’s inside the house. We had led pool light display upstairs. Laser lights are in, smokey fireworks and firecrackers will be out real soon. I think by the end of 2013 there will be more light show than firecrackers. Which is good for the environment and our lungs!

It was just me, my sister, mom and daughter. Just our immediate family to welcome 2013. Friends come and go but your family will always be there for you. If you can’t build a good relationship with them and be with them on especial occasions and choose to be somewhere else with the company of so-called friends or playmates then your priorities are all wrong.

Simple Family Noche Buena 2012

This Christmas was very simple and solemn. We only celebrated at home. My mom have been sick half of the year and she just recovered this month. I did all the preparations with my sister buying the Christmas ham.

I made a Healthy Blue Marlin baked Spaghetti, Buko Salad, Snow drink, we had beef steak, Sinigang na Baka, Ham and Lechon. I also bought a regular sized Triple Chocolate Overload cake from Red Ribbon.

simple Noche Buena at home

simple noche buena at home

That’s my mom and daughter. Oh yeah we had Moet and Absolut Krunner.

Merry Christmas!

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