Planted A Sweet Potato

One day while looking for veggies to cook in the pantry,I saw a bunch of sweet potato that has been neglected for awhile.   Why did I say it as neglected?  Look,it already had sprouts!

sweet potato


Seeing that, I decided to get a pot and some soil from our garden and planted this sweet potato.  So far so good it is growing fast!  I will be eating organic sweet potato leaves salad soon! Talbos ng Kamote in Tagalog!  Yehbah.

I didn’t know it was this easy to grow one had I know I planted more using the coffin case at wwbw that I saw while searching for the best NYC cleaning service.

Shirp Galore!

My sister arrived from General Santos City with a cooler full of fresh seafood.   General Santos or GenSan for short,is known for the freshest seafood you can ever find.   One of the seafood she brought home was super fresh shrimp! And guess what they were only priced Php90.00 a kilo!  I can’t believe it!

Shrimp galore


She brought a couple kilos of shrimp and we are all excited to make our favorite dish from it.But first we have to cook all of it fast even before it get spoiled.  We want to preserve the freshness so here it is.



One of the dish we made is Sinigang na Hipon sa gabi!   Yum!



Nangasim ka ba? Haha!   Bon appetite!

The McSpicy Craze By McDonald’s

So everyone in my timeline from my social networks were all gaga over the new burger in town, the McSpicy burger from McDonald’s with retail price of Php80.00 ala carte.

They all say they love it, it’s delicious and bla bla…. so, I give in!


It was not as special as everyone hyped it to be, in fact it reminded me of the Zinger Burger of KFC just that there’s something different a hint of peanut or peanutbutter on the breading?

Did you taste that nut or is it just me?

Well if I’m wrong I’ll buy food for you, if I’m right you do the same.

TeaTap Cafe : A Kitty Lovers Tea House

Cats represent!

I’m a cat lover more than anything else. When I was invited at an event at for a music store at TeaTap in San Juan I had in my mind the usual tea shops that has been sprouting like mushroom all over the Metro lately. I’m glad I attended as this place is brimming proud of kitty cat displays, a cat lover like me will truly love.


This kitty cat will greet you at the counter. There are wall-arts with kitty cats too!

And take a look at their cup! Kitty Cat!

img src="" width="500" height="500" alt="PhotoGrid_1371692745408.jpg">

I super like the cup covers too with their fun and witty one-liners that social media active people will love to take a shot off!

TeaTap SanJuan

My Daughter’s Favorite Snack Nestle Koko Crunch and Honey Stars

My daughter is a rice eater. If you have seen her somewhere in one of my posts you can see she is a very healthy and chubby girl and way much bigger than me. One thing she likes to do is eat.

I try to find a way that she avoids junk food. So instead of chips and other junk she can get from the neighborhood store, I just let her munch on Honey Stars and Koko Crunch cereals from Nestle. I trust the brand more than anything else and it has all the nutrients a child needs to get through the day.

So with that said,you can say my daughter eats breakfast everyday!

A few weeks ago,Nestle sent over a Nestle Cereal package containing my daughter’s favorite cereals! Good thing I was able to shoot the package as is because as soon as the daughter saw it she tore the wrapping apart and immediately started munching on it.


While giving her a bowl of Honey Stars Cereal I noticed that the spaceship are no longer there but there are moon in it instead. I was told the spaceship is like a surprise in the box as there’s only 1 piece on a lucky box you have to search to find it!

About the Koko Crunch wasn’t able to take a shot of because it was long gone before I could. The only thing I was able to shoot was this cute fluffy Koko stuff toy!

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

EDSA Shangri-la Mall is my favorite mall to shop in to.  I was surprised to find a restaurant and bar by the streetscape  area which is probably one of the most famous after office hour hang-out by employees along Ortigas area, the Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.  I feel silly for not noticing this bar,maybe because I’m not a bar person.  I’m glad I had the chance to try their food and lounger around inside.   I don’t think this one is new as I believe I’ve seen that Brotzeit umbrella before.

Anyway, here’s how it looks inside:


I super love the blackboard walls with drawings and writings. I wonder if customers are allowed to write and make their own graffiti.

Definitely a beer bar.Looks like a good place to celebrate an Oktoberfest.

We were there for snacks so we had a garden fresh salad (their salad is dry not saucy but I love the sour kinda sweet potato dressing) .The German snacks plate we had had German franks, potatoes, grated vegies or sort and a pizza with a different kinda crust. I love the food. I think I’ll come back and try their beer. Food is spicy but not that much just right I was thinking perfect beer match with every bite. Haha


How about you have you tried this bar and resto before?

Salut Seafood Floating Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu

A day and a week ago, I was invited by Zest Airways for a familiarization tour to Kota Kinabalu. We had a tour around the city their malls, cultural villages, beaches and other attractions. One of the food places we went to dine in was the Salut Seafood , one of their most famous floating restaurant in Kota Kinabalu serving the freshest seafood you can find in town.

Here’s a collage of the food we had there. It was a lot!

Day 1 Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia
Yeah their food looks a lot like what we had here! And yes they taste really good. I can’t even stand-up after we finished everything.

Here’s how the facade of the restaurant at night it is so picturesque. They even had a cultural show to entertain their guest.

Day 1 Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia
I have visited a similar floating restaurant in Davao too.

Actually, Kota Kinabalu is just like the Philippine!

Cooking With Bamboo

Last week, I was in a field trip to Kota Kinabalu courtesy of Zest Air who just launched their first flight to that destination. One of the places we visited in KK aside from their famous beaches was a Cultural Heritage Village in Mari Mari where I experienced cooking chicken in a bamboo. This is how they used to cook in the old days of Sabah!

Mari Mari Cultural Heritage Tour

Mari Mari Cultural Heritage Tour

Having visited this cultural village was such an amazing experience as we were able to see how the Ethnic Tribes of Sabah used to live and how in the old days people live a very simple life and don’t worry about when to schedule their

To read more about this

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Eat-All-You Can Korean Buffet @ Secret Garden

The second stop we visited for our Little Korea in Metro Manila trip for Pop Talk was Secret Garden. Who would knew such Eat-All-You-Can Korean Buffet restaurant existed at a very affordable rate of Php399.00 to Php499.00 ONLY! Unlimited beef or pork and unlimited Korean side dish Kimchi all you can! OMG! Writing about it here just make my mouth water. I super love all the yummy home-cooked authentic Korean dishes we had in there.

A Trip to Korea in Metro Manila with Pop Talk/center>
I also love the lettuce salad they have in there with fruit dressing, super delicious. I love it. I also love the soup with tofu yummerz!
Secret Garden can be found at Don Antonio Heights in Quezon City. It is best to go there for dinner and after work as daytime like today can be really hot as their setting is open air garden-type resto.

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