Philippines Lechon

If I have to enumerate a list of foods that I would encourage tourist in the country, Lechon would be on the top of my list together with the Adobo, Laing, Pinakbet, and Kare-Kare. The five would sum up the flavorful and savory taste buds we Filipinos have instead of offering them the balut, which I personally don’t like to eat.

The best lechon in the country can be found in Cebu, but you can also find one here in Manila, Mila’s Lechon and Lydias Lechon are among the famous ones.

Having a taste of a country’s delicacies is among the Wicked tickets to experience the culture and tradition of a certain place. Definitely include what I’ve mentioned in your food trip!

Oh I forgot Krispy Pata!

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