Coffee With Collagen?

I went to the the grocery to last night to buy my favorite instant coffee mix brand , Jimms 7-in-1 when I saw this new coffee mix by San Mig Coffee Pro-Beauty. I was intrigued to know how a coffee with collagen taste and if it does work.

It claims on the packaging that its sugar free and has protein Collagen in it. Collagen is said to be the most abundant protein in the human body that gives the skin its elasticity and firmness that makes hair, teeth and nails strong.  But as we age collagen production decreases starting at 25 and totally stops at 40-45 that leaves the skin dry and wrinkly.

Collagen is also one of the ingredients used in anti wrinkle eye cream. I think this drink is ingenious instead of just topical applications of collagen you actually drink it. But the problem is it taste ewww. :p

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