Icebreaker Ice Scramble

Ice scramble.  A yummy sweet and cold treat from crushed ice mixed with skim milk, sugar, chocolate syrup and some flavoring. I used to buy this from the street vendor near our school when I was in highschool, I really don’t care or listen to whatever the news said about side street food being bad for your health and that they are dirty.  All I know is it taste good and a cheap and perfect treat after a long day in school.

After my tummy became so sensitive to street food, I was food poisoned a couple years ago, so I’m kinda “choosy” where I eat.  No street food.   I haven’t had one as long as I can remember not until yesterday.

Icebreaker Icescramble

Will you look at that!  This doesn’t look like the ones I had this one look so much better!  Look at all those syrup and powdered skim milk on top.

Icebreaker Icescramble

And its just Php15.oo! This is the large size, there’s a medium size one for P10.00 and the small one for Php7.00 really inexpensive huh?

Promise it taste soooo good.  An extra scoop of powdered skimmed milk is Php 4.00.  It’s perfect for those who are looking for a cheap but yummy iced cold treat this summer.

Icebreaker Ice Scramble Stall At SM Fairview

I saw folks troop a stand by the escalator at the mall.  When I saw it it says Icebreaker Ice Scamble!  Memories of my happy highschool days flashed that I decided to try one for myself.

Franchising is no longer accepted. Thank You!

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845 Responses to “Icebreaker Ice Scramble”

  1. jojo says:

    hi, appreciate if you can give me details on franchising, wud like to open one. thanks!

  2. Cherry A. Calabucal says:

    please send information about franchising your ice scramble product.thanks.

  3. Cherry A. Calabucal says:

    please send information about franchising your ice scramble product.thanks.this is my contact # 09165278172.

  4. Marlene says:

    pls send me details about franchising of ice breaker ice scramble, [email protected]

  5. rj loyola says:

    addict ako sa scramble! please send me details about franchising [email protected]. MORE POWER!

  6. Mary Grace Pechay says:

    Hi! Can you give me details on franchising, like to open one. Thank you…

  7. liz serrano says:

    can you send details please on my email.. thanks

  8. Lita De Guzman says:

    I am interested to fanchise. Can you send me details and product info? Please send also package price and its inclusion.

  9. jeanette abaquin says:

    please send me info about franchising.thank you .more power. [email protected]

  10. Ronell Sumalbag says:

    Hi, I’m interested to franchise, kindly send me the details ( price, product, package and etc). thanks

  11. Derrick Danan says:

    hello, appreciate if you would give me an idea/details regarding franchising.. kindly send PM on my above mail.

    thanks and more power.

  12. ailleen says:

    hello!!! kindly send in my email add the complete franchising details and how much the cost of initial investment…i have already a target place, i need your respond as soon as possible…tnx

  13. lilian says:

    Can you pls give me details in franchising? [email protected]

  14. Thai May says:

    can you pls give me detail in franchising and how much is the initial capital that will be needed… thank you hoping for your reply,more power

  15. rowena concepcion says:

    pls call me namn dito sa number ko 9392215 for franchising kasi may available na pwesto akong nakita pls

  16. Laarni Pagay says:

    I’m from Malolos, Bulacan. Do you offer franchising? If yes, I’d appreciate receiving your franchising details/requirement.

    Thank you and God bless!

  17. patty says:

    pls email me the details about franchising, thank you.

  18. Glenda says:

    hi! im interested in your ice scramble, can you give me the full details on franchising!!!thanks a lot.

  19. gina sabariaga says:

    can you please email me the franchising details thanks :) [email protected]

  20. Chris Legaspi says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks for all the post. Icebreaker’s franchising is handled by Crimsonloaf, Inc. You may drop us a mail through [email protected].


  21. marco ong says:

    pls. contact me i want to franchise ice breaker. my number 09331662993

  22. julie javier says:

    hi! i would like to know if ice breaker is for franchize , and how it cost ,can you mail me where is your office to get a visit.

  23. Jhoy says:

    i would like to ask what are the requirements in franchising? i am really interested..thanks!!here’s my email [email protected]

  24. Nitz Rous says:

    I’m interested to have a franchise of your product Icebreaker Scramble. Can you please send me some information about the procedure once you open the franchising and how much the cost of initial investment. I have already a perfect target place. thank You.

  25. noreen cruz says:

    can u pls send me details about franchising tnx

  26. Aimee says:

    Hi. Please e-mail me about the possibility of having Ice breaker at an event for one day. Thanks.

  27. veen says:

    hi. i’m interested to be a franchisee. do you have any site where we could see more informations? thanks! anyways. here is my email address. if you have time, maybe we could discuss things over there. salamat!

    [email protected]

  28. mae says:

    Please let me know if you are open now for franching… How and How much?


  29. jonna says:

    i am interested with this scramble business., kindly send me complete information & price., tnx.

  30. fides karenn rivera says:

    id like to inquire,heres my # 09275509295

  31. jenn says:

    pls send me details in my email pls im interested

  32. daisy tapang says:

    please send the complete details for franchising. I am very interested to get your product

  33. please send the complete details for franchising. im very interested to your product

  34. joy ranuda says:

    im very interested in franchising especially the ice cramble business. pls. send me details/information and how much. thanks

  35. myla larga says:

    pls send me a complete details for franchising…im interested..thanks

  36. mariecris omar says:

    if ever you are open for franchising business, please immediately inform me.. i’m interested on your product.

  37. joanne burnot says:

    hi..pasend naman po ng details..thank you

  38. jho lagrata says:

    pls send me details how to franchise the ice breaker scramble. u can e-mail me at [email protected] or txt me at 09198950195.

  39. christine says:

    hi.. can you give me details on how to franchise?

  40. anne says:

    hi.. can you give me details on how to frnachise?

  41. jennifer m. chiang says:

    hi! please send me requirements & other needed for franchising ice breaker… How much do i need and what location do i consider in franchising this. Here is my email add [email protected] or contact# 09166636276. thanks!

  42. mayette g. delacruz says:

    pls send the complete detailson how to frnachise the icebreker ice scramble. pls asap po, tnx a lot

  43. ohnie says:

    Hi! kindly send me details regarding this business. I would like to franchise. [email protected]

  44. resty says:

    how much is the franchise fee ?? can you send details [email protected]

  45. joan says:

    hi! kindly send me details for franchising business to my add: [email protected]

  46. Deserei says:


    I’m very much interested to franchise your business. Please send me the complete details on how to avail the complete business package for the ice cramble.


  47. Bianca Marquez says:

    Please allow me to see the details of your package. I’m willing to franchise the icebreaker here in Las Pinas. thank you

  48. madeline says:

    hi, im interested in putting up a business, and ice scramble is on top of my list…please send me details , thnks

  49. joy says:

    pls send me the details of franchising tank you.more [email protected]

  50. Norberto Abalos says:

    How much the franchise fee? im willing to franchise here at sta.rosa city.. thanks

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